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privacy policy

Keeping in line with the new GDPR law (25th May 2018), this policy explains how your data is processed and stored.


• Once completed, these booking forms are kept in a locked file in my home and no one but myself has access to them.

• House keys are also in a locked safe in my home when not in use.

• The only time your details will be shared is if I had to take your pet to a vet, then I would need to give any relevant details to veterinary staff to help your pet.

• Your telephone numbers are stored in my phone with your first name and your pets name. My phone is password protected.

• I will not contact your for any other reason than to discuss information regarding your pet, to request monies owed or to update you on changes to this policy.

• No information will be passed onto a third party and no data will be sold or distributed.

• Photographs taken by me of your pets while out on walks may be shared on social media for promotion purposes, but you do have the right to refuse that if you wish to.

• The only information stored on my PC is your weekly invoices (that include your name, address, phone number and pets name), which I am required to keep for tax purposes. My PC is password protected and has anti-virus installed.

• You have the right to request to see any or all of the details held about you.

• You have the right to ask me to destroy data, which will be done within 24 hours of your request.

However, please keep in mind that I cannot continue to care for your pets without the signed booking form.

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