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Keep your pooches cool over summer!

As everybody probably (hopefully) knows, heat and dogs just do not mix. Heatstroke strikes quickly and can be deadly, which is why we have created our own hot weather policy here at Bark & Bones, that we follow on those (albeit few and far between) really hot days.

- The van does have air conditioning and each personal crate has it's own fan. Despite this, it can still get warm inside and therefore travel time is kept to a minimum.

- Dogs may be walked earlier/later on in order to try to avoid the hottest parts of the day.

- Fresh drinking water will be provided throughout the walk as always.

- We will walk at a shaded location, preferably one that has a water source for dogs to paddle in to help stay cool. Thankfully we have plenty to choose from all over the Wirral- the woods at Arrowe Park is one of our favourites in the summer.

- It may be more of a slow, sniffy potter around as opposed to an active, brisk walk.

- Dogs may be kept on lead if they are too tempted to run around like crazy.

- Walks may be shortened if I feel that the dogs are getting too hot.

dogs out with walker in the shade at arrowe country park in wirral

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