Group Walks, £10 per hour (+£5 per additional dog from the same household).

Our group walks are one hour long (not including travel time). These walks are a great way for your pooch to socialise, learn and play with up to 5 other friendly dogs. Dogs are crated separately in the vehicle during travel for their comfort and safety.


As you all probably know, we have some of the best dog walking areas here in Wirral! The locations of the group walks can vary depending on different factors, but we usually visit one of our many beaches, wooded areas like Bidston Hill or large open fields with plenty of space for dogs to stretch their legs and go sniffing.

Dogs walking at the park with the walker
dog playing fetch at leasowe

Solo Walks, £15 per hour or £10 per half an hour (+£5 per additional dog from the same household).

Our solo walks tend to be scheduled to begin before 9.30am or after 2.30/3pm each day and can be either an hour or half an hour long (not including travel time). This option is best suited for dogs that are not comfortable around other dogs, they are too boisterous for the dogs currently attending my group walks or they simply enjoy one-to-one attention more. I am a sole walker, which allows your dog to build a special, fun bond with just one person.

Cat and other small pet visits, £7 per 20 minutes or £10 per 40 minutes.

Although Bark & Bones most popular service is dog walking, a pet sitting service for animals in your own home can be arranged. This is ideal for cats that would prefer to stay at home as opposed to going to a cattery when you are on holiday. It is also an option for small furries, such as rabbits and guinea pigs when care is needed. Puppy visits and a local pet taxi service may also be able to be arranged.

Whether daily or weekly visits are needed, they include feeding, providing fresh water and cleaning litter trays/cages, as well as spending some time with your pet.

cat pet services in leasowe